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Weekend at Lucinda's

Luke was at the docks for his monthly inspection. It was a noon on Saturday in mid-August and easily the hottest day so far this year. Luke was soaked in sweat under the burning sun and his thoughts went to the cool pond at the Snyder farm. He wished that he could be there right now, but he knew it wouldn’t be possible as he had promised Reid, as a part of his encouragement, to spend the day alone with him after they both got off work, and going to be Snyder farm they would definitely NOT be alone.

Then a thought popped into his head. Grandmother has a big swimming pool and he knew that she and Lily were on a shopping trip to New York for the whole weekend. He grabbed his cell phone and dialed her number.

"Luke darling, what do I owe the pleasure for you to call me?” she asked.

 “Well grandmother, I would like to ask you if it was okay if Reid and I could go swimming at your place today?”

“Of course darling, you’re always welcome to stay at my place and the guesthouse is free this weekend, so why don’t the two of you stay overnight?”

 Luke could feel that he was blushing by Lucinda’s words. Actually, more to what she was alluding.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” he answered.

“Well I’m going to call Mrs. Schmidt and tell her to prepare the guesthouse for some overnight guests incase you should change your mind”

“No grandmother don’t” Luke protested, but Lucinda was already off the phone.

Luke sighed as he closed his phone, he knew that even if he called her again and tried to convince her not to do it, he would never get her to change her mind.

He looked down at his phone; he had to call Reid to ask him when he got off and to tell him to bring some swimsuits for their date.

“Mr. Snyder, what a pleasure” Reid said when he answered the phone.

Luke’s heart jumped in his chest when he heard his voice and it stated to beat faster. He had known for some time that his feelings for Reid were more than just physical attraction, he was falling head over heel in love with this man. That was the reason why he hesitated to have sex with him. He could not bear the thought of Reid being disappointed in him, because of his  inexperience.

Luke smiled, “When are you getting off work?”

“I have some paperwork to do, but no later then 2:00,” he answered.

"Then I’ll pick you up at Katie’s at 3:00. Bring a swimsuit and pack clean clothes, we are going for a swim,” Luke said.

“Where are we going?” Reid asked

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

“Suit and tie or casual?” Reid asked

“What?” Luke didn't know what Reid meant.

“The clean clothes” Reid said in a tone as if he was talking to a kid.

“Ohh,” Luke blushed “Just casual, something clean to wear after the swim, unless you want to wear the same sweaty clothes from before.”

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” Reid said in a flirty tone.

“Reid” Luke said in the patronizing tone that he always used when Reid was flirting with him.

“Alright, alright I just couldn’t help myself,” and Luke could imagine the smirk on Reid’s face.

Reid headed out of the hospital at 1:45, he was excited about his date with Luke. Ever since he agreed to give Luke some time to get ready for the final step of their relationship, Luke had really made an effort to make their dates special. Whenever they went out privately or publicly, Luke would hold his hand and kiss him tenderly if he got a chance. He knew that Luke’s feelings for him were growing stronger and that made him extremely happy.

He was ready and packed when Luke pulled his car into the driveway. Reid closed the door and headed for the car before Luke was even out.

“Someone is excited about our date,” Luke said with a smirk as Reid was already putting his duffel into the trunk. Luke grabbed Reid around his waist and pulled him in for a tender kiss. Reid could taste the salt from Luke’s sweat on his mouth and it turned him on. He gently pushed Luke away with a smile, as fast as he could, without hurting his feelings.

“Well, yes Mr. Snyder, you know me well enough to know that this does excite me, not knowing what your plans are for our alone date.” he answered as calmly as he could.

The drive to Lucinda took about half an hour and they used the time to talk about their respective day at work.

When Luke took off the main street and turned into a long driveway, they stopped talking. Reid looked curiously ahead of the driveway until a big house came in sight.

“Welcome to the Walsh estate” Luke pronounced with a little pride in his voice.

Reid was stunned and did not say anything as Luke drove up to the front door. “Just wait in the car and I will be back in five.” Luke said and before Reid could react, he was out of the car.

Luke headed to the front door and grabbed his keys to let himself inside. He found Mrs. Schmidt in the kitchen, cleaning up some leftovers from lunch. When she saw Luke, her face cracked in a big smile. Luke had known her all his life as he and Lily had lived there a short while when he was a child. She has been his grandmother’s housekeeper for more than 25 years and she would always have a special place in his heart, as he knew he had in hers.

“Luke how nice to see you” She said as she came over and gave him a big hug.

“Nice to see you too,” Luke answered with a big smile and returned the hug.

“I just came in to get the keys for the guesthouse and whatever Grandma told you, we have no plans to stay overnight.”

“Will you at least stay for dinner?” she asked

Luke thought it over. He knew Reid’s love for food, so he figured that it would be a good idea to stay for dinner.

“Yes, that would be nice, but could it be brought over to the guesthouse? I don’t want to scare my company by sitting in the dining room.”

“Of course my dear, just call whenever you need it and please, tell me if there is anything else I can do for you.”

“Well it would be nice if there was some beer for my company and some soda for me in the pool house fridge,” Luke smiled and looked at her with his puppy eyes as if he had to persuade her to do it.

Mrs. Schmidt melted and smiled back to him “Anything for you, my dear.”

She handed over the keys to the guesthouse and waved him out of the door.

When he came out to the car, Reid was standing beside it looking around the estate.

“That is quite an estate,” he said when Luke came over to him.

“Well yes, but you always knew that I’m Richie Rich so I thought that it was time for me to show you that you were right,” Luke couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

Luke was driving the car on a small gravel road, which led behind the main house and through a small line of trees that kept the guesthouse out of sight from the main house.

When he parked the car in front of a small cottage, Reid smiled, as they didn’t have to spend time in the big mansion, this was way more cozy. Luke went inside the cottage with the keys he just got from Mrs. Schmidt and headed for the bedroom. Reid slowly walked behind him but stopped in the living room. He wanted to get an impression of the cottage.

To his left there was a small open kitchen only separated from the living room by a dining table. At his right side, there was a couch, a coffee table and a flat screen on the wall. In front of him, there were two doors. One probably led to the bedroom as Luke just left the door open and he could see a queen size bed from where he was standing. The other door he guessed was to the bathroom. He could not see Luke in the bedroom from where he was standing so he guessed that there was a connecting door from the bedroom to the bathroom. He was right, when Luke entered the living room from the second door only dressed in his swimming trunks and a towel around his neck, he could see the bathroom. Although the only thing that caught his eye was Luke. The sight of Luke standing in front of him in barely anything and with an impatient look at his face was enough to start an erection. He looked away down at his duffel back and pulled it up.

“Come on Reid, hurry up I’m melting in this heat” Luke pleaded

“Then go ahead and I will be there with you in 5 or 10 minutes,” Reid said, he needed some time to come down.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, just go ahead”

“Okay then, just follow the path behind the cottage, you can’t miss the pool” Luke said and headed out the house.

Reid went to the bedroom and put his bag down. Luke’s clothes were all over the floor. He found it endearing to see that Luke didn’t even have the patience to change neatly. He started to take his clothes off and found his swimming trunks in his bag. He still had an erection and he couldn’t show himself in front of Luke with that. “Down boy down” he said to his cock, as he tried to think of the most boring things he could think of to try to get it down.

When he was ready, he headed for the pool and found it quite easy as Luke had said. He left his towel on the sun chair next to the one Luke had left his towel on. He went to the edge of the swimming pool.

Luke had jumped into the pool like a child when he got there and was swimming around like a dog that needed to cool down. He heard Reid’s steps as he came to the pool area. He was in the lower area of the pool and turned around to look at Reid. Something just happened inside his head or for the matter in his whole body. It was like he saw Reid in slow motion, every detail of Reid’s body burned into his cornea and into the depths of his mind. He couldn’t do anything but stand still and watch Reid, all of him, as he step to the edge and dove in head first in a perfect bow. When he came up to the surface with wet curly auburn hair and water dropping down his face, Luke went in like a predator.

Reid was happy to have finally gotten his erection down and as most of Luke’s body was under water he didn’t have any problems keeping it down. He jumped into the water headfirst. When he came up to the surface he swam down to the lower end where Luke was, keeping a good distance to him because he didn’t want to press his luck. He rested his arm at the edge of the pool and looked at Luke that hasn’t moved since he jumped down the pool. Only the upper part of Luke’s head was visible, from just beneath his nose and the look in his eyes were very black as if his irises filled it all out. Reid felt like he was looking into the eyes of a predator and he was the prey. Luke started to move slowly toward him. He had never seen something this sexy. Luke was only inches from his face, when Luke grabbed his neck and pressed his lips against his and forced him to open his mouth to let his tongue in. He had never felt this kind of passion from Luke even on the day when he cracked open Noah’s skull. Luke hooked his legs around Reid’s waist, under water, it was light but he could feel Luke’s hard cock against his stomach. 

“Is this some kind of encouragement you are showing me right now?” Reid whispered in Luke’s ear.

“This is not encouragement. This is the real deal. I want you NOW,” Luke said with a husky voice, while he was sucking and biting Reid’s earlobe “I forgot what an extremely sexy and beautiful body you have,” he whispered in his ear.

“I would prefer to do this in the cottage, we might not be alone out here,” Reid answered in between kisses.

Luke looked annoyed at him, but then loosening his legs from his waist and pulled him to the pool stairs. When they were out of the water, he nearly dragged Reid to the cottage by his hand, not even considering taking the towels with him.

Once inside the cottage and the door was slammed behind them, Luke took his wet trunks off and was standing in the middle of the living room, nude and with his arms up in the air like a cross and said “Do whatever you want with me, but do it NOW.”

Reid saw that the predator was gone, but the lust was shining through Luke’s eyes. He slowly took his trunks down showing Luke all of his body as he had just done to him. They were starring at each other, to consume the picture of each other’s bodies.

Reid couldn’t stand it anymore, he took the few steps forward to Luke and grabbed him in his arms, kissing him passionately. Luke was like butter and just followed his every move as they were one.

They manage to get into the bedroom where Reid gently pushed Luke down on the bed, still linked to his lips. Reid moved away from Luke and made an unsatisfied sound when he couldn’t feel Reid’s body and lips on his.

“Just a sec” Reid said as he was reaching down for the side pocket of his duffel bag where he had his ‘emergency’ supply. He placed the condoms and lube on the drawer beside the bed and got back to Luke.

He went back on the top of Luke to kiss him passionately and let his tongue investigate all of Luke’s mouth then kissing all the way from his jaw to his earlobe. He could hear Luke’s rapid breathing in his ears and knew he was as horny as he was. Luke took his cock and started to stroke in gently but Reid moved both of his hands up over his head and said, “This is my tread.” Luke just felt back in the bed surrendered to Reid’s touches.

Knowing that Luke was inexperienced, Reid knew he had to go gently and slow so he did not scare him. He started by kissing him from the top and moved down his body. When he came to his nipples and he stroked his tongue over them, Luke came out with a loud moan. This was one of Luke’s sensitive zones. As he gently bit one of his nipples

Luke was starting to move his abdomen against Reid’s with a small “oh, oh so good.”

Reid slowed his kisses and saw that Luke was already leaking from the top of his cock. He needed to taste Luke, so he licked the top of Luke’s cock with his tongue, which got Luke to moan even louder, “Please Reid… Please I need you NOW.”

Reid lifted his head to reach for the lube on the drawer and put some on his fingers. He started to circulate around Luke’s hole with one finger. Luke spread his legs further apart and bending them up at his body, while still pleading for more. Reid started to kiss and gently nip his balls with his lips before slipping one finger inside of Luke.

Luke stopped breathing and got rigid for just a second, and then he let out a big groan and asked for more. Luke was so tight as if he was a virgin and Reid wondered if he had ever tried this before, but he didn't dare to ask.

When he felt Luke relaxing to his one finger moving in and out inside him, he started to lick Luke’s cock starting from the bottom until he got to the head. Then he put a second finger inside of Luke and started to suck the head of his cock. Luke grabbed his hair with his hands, silently telling him to go faster, but Reid didn’t get into his pleading. This was his treatment and he was the one to decide when Luke got his release. He found that this pleading side of Luke was extremely sexy and hot; he never thought that his cock could get this hard.

When he got the third finger inside of Luke and found his prostate, he thought that Luke was about to faint, his head bent backward and he could only see the white in his eyes, but then Luke came out with a big “Oh god…Please just fuck me Reid.”

He couldn’t stand it anymore he needed to feel the inside of Luke with his cock, so he reached out for a condom and the lube and quickly rolled it on. He put a little more lube on to smooth the outside of the condom. Luke was watching him doing it, with eyes dark with lust. He was resting on his knees taking Luke’s legs up on his shoulders and started slowly to press the head of his cock inside him. Whenever he felt Luke go rigid he would stop until he relaxed, one step at a time. When he was fully inside him, he pulled out and took one slow thrust inside him again just to be sure that it didn’t hurt Luke in any way.

When Luke started to plead out loudly again “Oh god…Please god go faster,” Reid knew that not only was Luke okay but he had hit his spot. He could tell by the look of ecstasy on Luke’s face. He started to speed the pace and Luke got into the rhythm as if they were one body. The expression on Luke’s face was so sexy and he had never seen such a sight before, he could watch this for hours and it took all his willpower not to come right here and now. But then Luke’s hand was on the way to grab his own cock. Reid took both his hands and locked them down to the mattress.

“No this is my favor and I want it to last for as long as it can” he whispered.

“Fuck me Reid…I need release,” Luke responded.

Reid bent over him and linked his lips with Luke in a hard and passionate kiss. As he bent over Luke, his cock got even further inside him as Luke’s legs was almost up over his own head and Luke just groaned out in pleasure. Reid held it still inside Luke and then rolled his abdomen from side to side. Luke cried out. Reid knew that he was hitting his spot over and over again by this small movement and it wouldn’t be long before Luke would climax. Luke’s whole body bent upwards, his shoulder and head deep down in the mattress and Reid had to lean back to give Luke space, when he cried out in orgasm.

Reid had never seen such a hot and sexy sight and it only took him two more stokes inside Luke to cry out his own orgasm too, his head bent backwards with closed eyes, he had never felt something like this.

When he came down from what must have been heaven, he looked at Luke, his eyes full of love and satisfaction, Luke reach his hands out and cupped Reid’s face

“WAUW” he said looking at Reid with blurry eyes, as he has not quite come down from heaven yet.

Reid slowly pulled out of Luke and looked at the outcome of Luke’s orgasm, that was smeared all over his stomach and he couldn’t resist tasting it.

Luke laughed, “Do I taste good?”

Reid did not say anything just crawled up until he reached Luke’s mouth and forced him to open it, to taste himself.

“Yes I think so, don’t you?” he finally answered

Reid collapsed on top of Luke and said in an exhausted voice “If I had known that I just had to strip for you to get you in bed, I would have done it a long time ago.” 

Luke laughed aloud and lifted Reid’s head gently from his chest, so he was forced up on his elbows and looked him deeply in the eyes “I was as surprised to my reaction as you were.”

“Well Mr. Snyder, I’m curious to find out what more there is underneath that innocent puppy look of yours.”

“Does that mean that you want to do this again?” Luke asked a little insecure.

“Luke I would like to do this every day for the rest of my life and not only that. I thought you already knew that” He looked lovingly into Luke’s eyes and gave him a tender kiss.

“Deep down I might have known, but my lack of sexual experience and the thought of you being disappointed, was the main reason for me to hesitate, and looking at it now, I know it was stupid.”

“Luke you are not stupid, but we’ll have to work on that insecurity of yours,” Reid was silent for two seconds and then looked at Luke with a smirked smile “Well that is if you are not afraid of the sexy and beautiful Dr. Oliver teaching you a whole new world of pleasure.”

Luke smacked him lightly on his ass, “You don’t seem to have any complaints,” he said as he smiled.

There was silence for awhile and Reid decided to tell the truth, he was not the sappy type but Luke would love it and he knew it would make him happy.

“I had never had this kind of feeling with any of my partners in my whole life. And for me to be able to give you so much pleasure, just adds a billion times more to my own. I find you so adoring, hot and sexy, so just watching you while we were doing it could get me off right away, if I didn’t hold myself back.”

Luke stared at him and suddenly tears dropped from his eyes, but it was not sad tears, they were tears of utter happiness. Reid licked the tears away from his chin and licked Luke’s lips before he got into a deep sincere kiss to show him his love.

Neither one of them was aware of how long they had just laid there enjoying each other but suddenly the heat was too much as Luke still was wrapped up in his own outcome and Reid hadn’t yet taken off the condom.

“I think we should take a shower,” Reid said

“Why don’t we just clean up and head back for the pool?” Luke asked, “We didn’t get a chance to enjoy the fun of playing in a pool of our own.” and to convince Reid even more he added, “Then I call Mrs. Schmidt and get her to bring our dinner down here while we are gone.”

“Hmm, sounds like a great idea” Reid answered.

Luke blushed a little because of the question he was about to ask.

“Would you like for us to stay overnight here?”

“Oh Mr. Snyder, so this was a planned seduction?”

Luke got even redder in the face, “No to be frank this was Lucinda’s idea, even I told her no and it wouldn’t surprised me if the fridge was stuffed with groceries for a complete breakfast.”

“I would love to wake up with you in the morning, if that is what you want too” Reid answered seriously.

“I have no doubt about that anymore Reid and I can only say that I regret that I didn’t have the courage to do it sooner.”

They looked deeply at each other and neither of them had any doubt that this was the real deal. That even they were like dog and cat, night and day, sun and moon. They were most like Yin and Yang fitting perfect together, in souls as well as bodies.

“Let’s clean up at go to the pool,” Luke finally whispered.



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Aug. 29th, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)
you have a couple of edits that u left in the story just so u know:
or instead of that last senctence, it could read. “The guesthouse if free this weekend, the two of you could stay there as well, if you want.”
(? I don’t know if that was the word you were trying to go for)

other than that, that was an awesome story.
nice job.
Aug. 29th, 2010 07:04 am (UTC)
Thanks for your comment on the story and giving the time to suggest changes.. I'm happy you liked it. If I going to write more, I will appreciate if you would beta it.
Aug. 29th, 2010 06:26 pm (UTC)
Sure, I'd love to.
Aug. 29th, 2010 01:35 am (UTC)
Wow!! English is not your 1st language!!! This is great. Congratulations on a job well done!!!
Aug. 29th, 2010 07:09 am (UTC)
Happy you like it. Danish is my first language but I read, write and speak English at work every day, so I see it as my second language, but I have never written a whole story in English before and that why I was a bit nervous to upload it at first. Thanks for reading :)
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 29th, 2010 02:48 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you love it.. It was the idea from the begining even starting the next chapter from their return to the pool, but as I told in my comment, I lost my inspiration. I hope it will come back though.. :)
Aug. 30th, 2010 03:30 am (UTC)
glad you posted it!
Aug. 30th, 2010 10:08 am (UTC)
Thanks... And I'm really glad that you helped me with it :)
Hugs Annie
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Oct. 10th, 2010 02:32 pm (UTC)
Thanks.. I'm glad you like it, but compared to all your stories this is just a small one and I need some inspiration to make a second chapter... :o)
Also because English is not my native langauge, I need someone to check my gramma as I have a tendency to mix US and UK English and sometimes put the words together as I would in Danish... (You see it's not easy to write a story that's not in your native English)
Oct. 21st, 2010 01:23 pm (UTC)
Just read this - Wow. Very hot!

You and I must think alike- we both love Lucinda's pool house LOL

I love the combination of Reid and Luke and water and sex...Sigh
Oct. 21st, 2010 08:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading it...

Yes I do love Lucinda's pool house and if I ever get finish with a second chapter they are going to have fun in that pool house...
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