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chameleonen's Journal

29 October
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I'm female working full time with IT support on first level. I have 2 sons, 1 straight and 1 gay.. Searching YT for gay movies and series got me into watching, first the Nuke storyline but as I found it boring I stopped watching it and then 4-5 months later i gave it a try again and how surprised was I to find Dr. Reid Oliver enter the storyline.. I was hooked.
I have been writing a gay story (not LuRe) my self in Danish as I didn't found the english words, for the passion between a couple but reading all these stories here, I have learned a lot and I might consider to write a story in English.
My big interest for the past year has been Yaoi manga and anime and I'm vacuuming the internet to find good stories and great artist as both the art and story has a be good to keep my interest.
Right now my top 5 yaoi manga is: Feng Yu Jio Tian, You're my loveprize in viewfinder, Crimson spell, Black Sun Doreiou, Canvas ni Kuchizuke wo.